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Prof. Amiram Catz

 Specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine , the Spinal Department, Loewenstein Rehabilitation Medical Center, Raanana, Israel

Neck and back pain, bladder and bowel management, spinal cord injury complications

Prof. Amiram Catz is a specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine, in the Spinal Department at Loewenstein Rehabilitation Medical Center. He has worked in Rehabilitation for over 30 year, and is highly experienced in the care of back pain, with or without irradiation to the lower limbs, in disabilities related to neck, back, and irradiating pain, in the prevention and care of spinal cord injury complications, and in bladder and bowel management. 
In the private clinic, Prof. Catz provides consultation, medical investigations, and treatment. The most commonly treated conditions include spinal injuries and diseases, complications of spinal cord injury, impairment of bladder or bowel control, and neck and back pain.

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